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About Ukiyoe & us

Make Ukiyoe more familiar.

Ukiyo-e is a Japanese woodblock prints and Japanese traditional art.
Ukiyo-e is cute, cool and creative.
Many ukiyo-e paintings were drawn during the Edo period ( 1603 – 1868 ).

Katsushika Hokusai, Utagawa Hiroshige, Kitagawa Utamaro…
They are the great Ukiyo-e artists, and we are proud of them as a fellow Japanese.

However, Ukiyo-e is not just a wonderful painting for the noble and pure king.
Ukiyo-e was created to be enjoyed by the common people.

Ukiyo-e was popular as picture of actors or idols, calendar, and children’s picture book.

People make joyful faces and unique gestures.
Even monsters look cute.

We think we should enjoy Ukiyo-e more easily.
Because them are full of wonderful works.

Now. What do you make with the our materials?

With big love from Japan.